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29 December 2005 @ 01:50 am
So it's been a while!
Can't sleep. Was reading Dork Force Rising.. an old Kaitlynn story, in which, at one point, we order chinese food.
Here's an excerpt:
The fortune cookies were quite fun. Some of them had
two fortunes. Here's a sample:
Meaghan's fortunes: You yearn for perfection. Good
things will happen at home.
Alina's fortune: Now is the time to try something
Kaitlynn's comment: Yeah, like not shooting down
every guy you meet. (HAHAHA, oh Kaitlynn, would you say times have changed or not so much?)
Mukesh's fortunes: Ignorance never answers a
question. You have a reputation for being
straightforward and honest.
Kaitlynn's fortune: Good news will be brought to you
by mail.
Comment: A couple days late; I got my acceptances
last week!
Ludwik's fortune: Good things are being said about
Meaghan's comment: That's a lie!

Ohhh old friends. Coming home does that to you. I went to the movies tonight with Chris and company, and went to the Mayor's Cup hockey game with him and Meags last week. My god, the high school memories of hockey games, and hockey players, and certain hockey coaches.

Had my birthday here last Wednesday too at Paddy's Os! It was... *giggles at the memories* It was nuts.
"Who's not drunk?" *Alina raises hand and smacks the roof* That essentially set the stage for the rest of the night. It was definitely tons of silliness and fun and drunkeness. With lots of cringing the next morning... but fun was had by all, so no worries. It had some unexpected moments (and consequences) to say the least, but I'm not complaining. :)

Since then, it's been friends, reading, sleeping, eating, shopping, hanging out and basically trying to get my fill of doing nothing before the school grind begins again. I'm already dreading it. But I'm definitely going to enjoy being back on my own. I don't think I was meant to live with parents, lol.

AND I finally decided to go to Sweden on exchange. At least, that'll be my first choice. It's a great school, south of Sweden at Lund University and it just seems more out of the ordinary than England. I mean, I'm sure I'll make it to England someday..whereas going to Sweden seems much more like a one time experience. AND an old high school friend will be there, at a different school, so at least there will be someone I know in the same country. I'm pumped! It's still a long way away, but we'll see...

How is second year halfway done? Where is all this time going?
I hope I'm not making too many mistakes along the way.
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21 December 2005 @ 03:17 pm
Hello home!!

I am back! For a while at least.. mmm.. warmth and food! How fantastical!

So how's home been so far?
Well, my daddy got chocolate mousse cake from a bakery in Toronto. It was absolutely amazing. He was apologetic for not having time to make me one this year.. but seriously, who's going to be upset with chocolate mousse cake?! I mean, HELLO!! ("It's called a lance.." LMAO.. if you get this joke, good for you!) Ludwik asked the obligatory, "wanna go tobaggoning?" last night...while we were watching Battlestar Galactica! Haha, I am a huge space nerd. I love it!! I can't wait til the first season finishes downloading... lol.. And then I, of course, ran over to Kaitlynn's house in my pjs in the snow (I decided not to put my shoes on properly as that's just a total waste of time... and I realized I might as well have done away with shoes altogether because half-on shoes do NOTHING in snow..) AND then I talked to Neelmoy and went to bed as I was tired and needed rest for TODAY!!! Alina's inauguration into the world of downtown Windsor and drunk engineers. Actually, scrap the last part. Drunken engineers have always been a part of my life, lol. In any case, all the people (minus the ones who haven't met me and are coming to get the prof's daughter inebriated) have been waiting forever for me to turn 19. I remember Brandon back in grade 11 talking about this moment. And now its here!!! So game plan for today:

So far...:
?? am: Got up as late as possible- happened about 9:30 when Ludwik called from work. You silly head.
10:00 am- Ate breakfast with polish BREAD.. ohh soooo good.
11:00am- Took a bath. - This was supposed to be relaxing. Who in the world can mess up a bubblebath?! But apparently...spilling the bottle of bubble bath in the bath and then turning on the jets thinking it "wasn't really that much" was not a good idea... :)
11:40 pm- Cleaned up the bathroom (now covered in bubbles) after said bath.
12:00 pm Watched "Nothing Too Good For a Cowboy".. because we all just love cowboys on horses in northern BC. Yum.
2:30pm- Got call from a survey group looking for 19-year-olds in LaSalle. (Aka. Justin.)This act never gets old.
3:00pm- Call made me super excited for tonight (as if I wasn't already!) and then I blasted music and ran around the house jumping up and down. Maturity apparently doesn't come with age.
3:15pm- Wrote obscenely long LJ post detailing every small event of my day to procrastinate from cleaning the kitchen.

4:30pm- GOING SHOPPING to find something HAWT to wear tonight.
7:00 pm- GET READY! :D :D :D

***** 9:00pm: LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!! *****

This is going to be absolutely ridiculous. And that's the best thing to be.
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19 December 2005 @ 08:43 am
So I really should've posted on my birthday! Whoopsie daisies!
In that case, let me just say....

I'M 19!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEE HAW!! :D

There. Now that that's done, what have I done that makes me feel 19? Not a whole lot, let me tell you. In fact, it was Andrea that pointed out I could give her back her ID now.. because mine would work! Oh yeah! Duh! lol.. And no, I haven't had a birthday drink yet- that's for tonight after the analytical exam! and of course, for Wednesday, when everyone at home is coming out to celebrate... ohhhh craziness, that is going to be WICKED. In every sense of the term. Hehehe...
Both Kaitlynn and Ludwik have booked Thursday off work. And Brandon's coming... the single person who has this "uncanny" ability to get certain people very very drunk.
Anyhow, the actual birthday went really well- it was spent for the majority of the time in the library studying for this EVOL analytical exam, but I had visitors and presents and decorations and the house birthday "necklace" and coffee and Rice Krispie cake and chocolate cake and just chocolate. AND it snowed and everything looked marvellous! So really, how bad could that have been? ;) Not a lot of room for bad in there!

So enough slacking! Let's study it up for this exam, DIG DEEP as Andrea's Mum would say, and GET HER DONE!!!! SOOOooo closeeeee right!?!? Can't give up now... :) :)

As Andy Stochansky sings:
Get up, get up, get up, get out lift your head
Come on, come on get up out of bed
today's the day you own the world
With your song

This is the time, this is the day that we've been waiting for
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17 December 2005 @ 07:31 pm
Technically I'm allowed to procrastinate a little, right? I did have organic this morning...
Way to go rationalization... in truth, I should be studying for analytical. Just a little update first....it won't take that long. :)
So orgo is DONE!!! WOOOO HOOO!! I should be excited about studying for analytical but I think I'm just about burnt out. In any case, orgo went ok...it was pretty decent, nothing too evil about it. Not saying anything else for fear of jinxing myself. People before the exam were telling me how much they like my model kit.. you know you are in a hardcore science exam when people are jealous of your plastic sticks and balls that make molecules. (Although it was a much better reaction than Andrea's at the library yesterday where she just shook her head. And then proceeded to stick one of the atoms up her nose. Yeah Andrea, I am typing that on here. :) )
After the exam, went out for lunch with some science kids and got to see Neelmoy before he leaves for India!! Safe flight Neelmoy!! And thank you... you know me too well :). It's perfect! People who actually get me paper bags are amazing.. haha. Lunch was fabulous- we drove there in the car Neelmoy had rented out to move his stuff in...which was this ginormous UHAUL truck with Arizona plates, blaring country all the way there, of course...and 4 of us piled into the back of this thing like immigrant workers or thieves or something... and I was sitting on this rolling office chair. Take a second to think about this.

Done? Yeah. Let that imagination soar. Sitting in a *rolling* office chair in the back of a UHAUL truck that is turning... multiple times. oh man... gooooood times, lol.. Also, they kept talking about Michael Bolton and now what I am doing? Listening to Michael Bolton! I've been ruined! (However, if this makes you want to listen to Michael Bolton, I recommend "Said I loved you but I lied." Very 90s.. and very heartfelt :P ) So although that was fun and silly and very sciency, I had to go home.. and try to study. That's not going so well right now.
My parents have called a bunch of times which took a lot longer than it could have as they kept getting sidetracked by the cat... But other than that, not too much is going on.
I'm 19 tomorrow and I didn't even realize it til today! Crazy.
I love how my birthday will be spent in the library. :D So very Hermione of me.
Anyways, back to trying to get some work done...

P.S. Andrea and I are dying our hair tonight.....oooo exciting! Let's see how that goes!
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14 December 2005 @ 10:37 pm
Ludwik- please forgive me.
But our mother and a certain mother who works at the U as well that we both know (she shall remain nameless) have most likely been planning your wedding to ****.(Hint, name rhymes with Manna.) I mean please, it's all I hear about when I call home. You should have heard Mom's reaction when I told her I had seen pictures from "the birthday" she hadn't seen yet. My god.
Anyways, in light of these events, a certain person who would like to remain anonymous and I have been sketching out some details of the ceremony:

Anonymous: it'll be an old fashioned arranged marriage and the dress will have a neck that goes up to her ears and sleeves that cover her fingers and she'll wear boots.

Ludwik will wear his best jeans and his weakerthans t-shirt and a hard hat.

Alina: That's what he wears everyday.

Anon.: That's the point. They'll have the ceremony at the NASA launch pad.

Alina: And there will be lots of vodka and Mercedes vehicles, perhaps with some scanning acoustic microscopes thrown in for fun.
14 December 2005 @ 09:35 pm
I have the best friends EVAR.
Here I am, having almost mental breakdowns every 5 seconds... and then I have people who tell me to keep my chin up, who write me "stories" (*wink wink* Kaitlynn) that they think will cheer me up, who tell me that they are happy I've done well so far and are confident I can keep it up. Friends who send internet hugs and type things like "you will be crowned queen of orgo." Who delete their msn countdowns ... lol... w:) Jesus, now I'm going to cry. haha.. Exams are adling my brain. Seriously though, thanks for being my cheerleaders. :D I hate cheerleaders just to let you know. But as you guys haven't progressed to sporting pom poms, we're still good. Go pep talks! RA RA!

P.S. To a certain organic exam... I am better and smarter and much prettier than you. There is not a chance in freaking hell that you are going to conquer me. :D Take that! Rawr!
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13 December 2005 @ 05:36 pm
People with exam countdowns are driving me UP THE FRICKING WALL right now. I'm sorry, how does reminding me that I have 4 exams to get through in 6 days make me happy?!? I don't think oh yay, 6 days left! I think 4 Bloody Exams!!!!! Well one down now...so 3 more left. And 2 of them are my hardest ones! As well, if you happen to be one of those deliriously lucky people and your countdown is going "1 of 2" or "1 of 1" or..God forbid, "0 suckas!" I hate you on principle for the next week.
If I went and deleted everyone on my msn list whose name has an exam countdown next to it, my list would be dwindled down to very few SO.. kindly block me off your msn list for the time being so I don't have to deal with the countdowns when I go online. Please? Ok, thanks.
[ALSO, if you are a cocky son of a something, who feels the need to post on their msn name that they just got 100 on that exam, consider this a warning that if I see you, I will pelt you with whatever is closest at hand.]
ALSO, I realize that yelling at people who have no idea what they have done wrong ISN'T WHAT JESUS WOULD FREAKING DO , but AGAIN, this isn't the face that cares right now!!!!!!! (Yes, that Grey's Anatomy line was used on me, and that is my reply to it.)

The Crazy Exam Monster who has taken over Alina's body

(The "calm", "non-spazzy" form of Alina you have come to wish you knew will be returned to you once exams are over. In the mean time, if you wish to help, you know where to send coffee and paper bag donations.)
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11 December 2005 @ 12:09 pm
Andrea just came downstairs laughing at all the things going wrong in our house right now... and it just called for a livejournal post..

1) Our power is out in 3 rooms upstairs. (4 girls + 2 hair dryers and a curling iron = blown fuse) :) So everyone's using the downstairs bathroom because no one wants to pee in the dark and... [follow to point #2]

2) Our toilet is clogged! How this happened, we have noooo idea as no one has really been using that bathroom. [See point #1] We blame Hem. :)

3) The water is leaking from a light outlet. Or Something. Ok. This I don't understand at all. Andrea was trying to explain this to me while I was in the shower..and I have no idea what's actually going on.

4) We have 5 TV channels. This is tragic.

5) Our spoons keep disappearing!! If anyone has seen a missing spoon, perhaps looking dazed and confused, please let us know. We don't know if they're all sneaking off to some spoon party somewhere or something... but it would be nice to know that at least they are safe and enjoying themselves. We miss them!

As Andrea said, we are disastrous.

The life of university students. And loving every second of it. ;)
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09 December 2005 @ 05:13 pm
"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."

Well..the majority of people that read this don't have LJ accounts or I can hear what they're playing coming out of their rooms... but ah well, here goes anyways.

Amos Lee (w/ Norah Jones)- Colors
Moonbabies- War on Sound
Stars- Ageless Beauty
Mike Doughty- I Hear the Bells
Josh Rouse- Sad Eyes
Mark McAdam- Driftwood
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- Me and Mia
and... Mariah Carey- All I Want for Christmas (It's just *so* fun!)
(Yes, I know that's 8 songs...don't anybody make a joke about the number 8)

And I'll tag.. .Kaitlynn, Meags, Ludwik (just post em in the comments if you want)
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09 December 2005 @ 11:55 am
Woot woot! (No idea where that came from... I never say woot woot...)
I'm done bioooooo for the term, YES!! Good bye phosphatidylinostol being phosphorylated by phosphoinositide kinase to god knows what... Hello more exams.. but let's not think about that yet!

So as you've most likely gathered, had my cell bio final yesterday, and bio lab final today. (Btw, BEST lab exam EVAR! I hate those things with a PASSION and I think this one may have realized that and was trying to make up for all its counterparts by being mildly nice. Good work, bio lab final. To the Physics lab final- don't think this means I've forgiven you!) I would tell you how many exams I have left.. but as Rob says "exam countdowns are for the weak".. and I don't think anyone would really care anyways.
ANYHOODLES POODLES, I got to talk to my Daddy just now! Yay! He was sleeping off jet lag last night after returning from Poland and Germany, which was disappointing as I hadn't talked to him in so long, but no worries... Had some funny stories for me.. lol :D

SO he visited his cousin (my "aunt") who has a son and daughter (my cousins) a bit older than me who I know, but she also had a little boy 7 years ago who I haven't met yet. So the new cousin, little Andrzej (which is Andrew in English.. also my Dad's name... no wonder they bonded) is apparently this really mischievous little fellow who would most likely have been medicated for hyperactivity if he were in Canada.. lol.. Anyhow, my Daddy was showing them pictures of Ludwik and I, and they saw the one from before our grade 12 prom, and my kid cousin points to me and says "8!" All the adults (my aunts, uncles, father) turn to him and ask him whatever he means by this. This crazy little kid says "Her breasts! They're an 8!"

Me when I heard this on the phone: "WHAAAAATTTTTTTTTT!!!!?!?!?%&:#%^I"
My father: *hysterical laughter*

After my initial shock of a) having my boobs rated by a 7-year old (I mean, *WHAT* is he learning from his older siblings?!) and b) being rated an 8, I talked to Krishna about this.. and we agreed having your boobs rated by your small cousin is disturbing on many levels.. but she also thought that I should really take it is a compliment because 9-10 range is calendar pin-up girl to model. Riiiggghhhttt..lol...
Ok. And I think that's about enough livejournal posting about my breasts. :D
It was just too funny not to post it. :D Crazy family... *shakes head* Just unbelievable.

Anyways! Onto laundry and more studying...

P.S. the SNOW rocks! Ludwik- PERFECT tobogganing conditions! Although you think mud and ice are perfect tobogganing conditions.. oh good times.. :D
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